Site Services

To support the design office services provided by ADAC-structures supporting site services are offered both pre-construction phase and during the construction phase. Review the slides below to see further details:

Site services offered include:

– Structural surveys. These can be to report on the structural condition of a building for mortgage purposes or to inform the planning stage of a proposed development. Crack monitoring reports are also prepared;

– Topographical surveys. Using the latest Robotic EDM theodolites, survey work can be fast and can cover inaccessible areas. These can they be converted into detailed plans including contouring;

– Site inspections. ADAC believe that construction phase site inspections are an essential part of the process. They ensure the design intent has been implemented on site and pick up on any problems;

– Soils investigations. During the early design stages it is advisable to obtain soils information to inform the foundation design. ADAC is pleased to carry out this work in straightforward soils, for more difficult ground we will help you commission a geotechnical investigation;

– Porosity tests. Where necessary for a rural development, porosity tests can be carried out for the design of soakaway drainage systems;

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