Chimpanzee Bridge at Blairdrummond Safari Park

This project is probably my all time favourite one. From convincing the client to go with this creative design, through understanding the users (chimpanzees) and an intriguing design to optimizing the fabrication with a modular approach. Installation day was great fun, to see everything come together - then seeing the finished bridge in use, fulfilling everything we could have hoped for and more.
Quoting the Blairdrummond Safari Park keeper responsible for the chimpanzees when he said ". . . I'd rather fall into a cage with lions than chimpanzees. At least with the lions they will not kill you if they are not hungry, but the chimpanzees will tear you limb from limb for the fun of it, then wonder why you are not working any more!" This gave me a new respect for the wild animals we were dealing with here.
These slides show you the installation of the bridge, we hope you enjoy them.

Completed bridge in use

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